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Hello, I’m so glad you stopped by! First let me introduce myself: I’m P.L. Cobb, but you can just call me Penny.

I’m the one behind this site: the editor, the main author, and a contributing artist. For me variety is the spice of life, which is why you’ll always find something interesting going on. This is a creative fiction blog that also features visual imagery and original art. Sometimes you may find an honest book review.

I also have a spectacular guest author, his name is Mitchell Stoycheff; in my opinion he’s a pretty neat guy.

Say hi to Mitch, everybody!

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Currently there are two ongoing series: The Wandering Stranger and The Red Raven. The Wandering Stranger is already several chapters in, while The Red Raven is currently in the works!

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The Wandering Stranger, an original supernatural-thriller written by P.L. Cobb.

The Red Raven, an original supernatural horror series written by P.L. Cobb

Every Thursday there will be a new blog post!

Every Thursday there will be a new update to our blog.

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.
–Henry David Thoreau

A visionary who sees into the mind of an author and pulls out the perfect book cover.

R.J. Davies

I am quite sure that, though I could talk the legs off a donkey, Penny could persuade it to go for a walk afterwards!!! A veritable fountain of eloquence!!

B. Morris

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