Muse–Make Way For Misery, a metaphorical poem about depression and a toxic workplace, written and illustrated by P.L. Cobb.
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Muse–Make Way For Misery

I turned myself inside out for nothing that was good.

Five Questions No One Ever Asks Me, the first guest post by the amazingly talented R.J. Davies!
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Five Things No One Ever Asks Me!

An introductory post from R. J. Davies featuring five questions which no one ever ask her! Say hi to R. J. everyone!

The Suck, an article about depression (which really sucks), written by P.L. Cobb.
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The Suck

There is no better way of putting it. Eloquent words will strip away it's meaning. Unlike writers block, the suck doesn't just affect writers. Anyone is fair game.

Back in February I recieved Daughter of the Pirate King as part of an Owlcrate. Here's my review of the first book!
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Daughter of The Pirate King–A Review

Back in February I recieved Daughter of the Pirate King from my Owlcrate.

Lazy Old Me/Lazy Old Muse, a short quirky story by P.L. Cobb.
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Lazy Old Me/Lazy Old Muse

Lazy is somewhat accurate, in another dimension.